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Now, where did the year go?!

I remember 2010 well. The year I was pregnant. The year I had so much fun with Jay. The year of loads of work (though that’s hardly new). But 2011? I must have entered some kind of alternate universe. Cos I distinctly remember giving birth. And seeing Xavier. And then before I know it… He’s… Read more »

Blast from the past – Wafer biscuits!

We had dinner at one of our Wild About Wings, which is always a hit with us. (Psst, their fish & chips is to die for!) But after dinner, seeing that X had already fallen asleep, we decided to take a stroll down the beach. And we came across this little gem. A blast from… Read more »

Doppelganger, 8 months apart

This is my good friend Jerblinn’s son. Julien who’s turning almost one year old soon. This shot was taken when he was four months old – Xav’s age now. And this is my son, Xavier. Do they look similar? We’ve had so many comments from common friends who think so! I admit – I personally… Read more »

Everything’s peachy when they come in baby-size

 Babies are adorable. Every fart, burp, snort, gargle. When an adult-sized person does it … Eeeewwwww! Super gross! But somehow when a baby does these seemingly disgusting things… Awwwww! Super cute! Hahaha! Life’s unfair when you smell like baby powder all the time. Everything’s just so peachy when they come in baby-sizes!

My countdown… Week 26!

26 weeks into my second pregnancy. Which means it is 14 weeks (and likely lesser) to the arrival of my second prince! God has been very good to me (and by me, I am also including Nic. Cos a bad day for Mommy means a bad day for Daddy) in this pregnancy. Though the symptoms… Read more »