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Perspective is a funny thing

  (Photo credit: Flickr) Distance can play tricks on your eyes. You can never be very sure what is ahead. Many may make their speculations. And what they think how the road ahead lies. Whether it is a good or a bad thing. Funny how people can be naturally negative and gravitate towards that. Time… Read more »

With kids, men and women migrate to Jupiter

This would be the title of my new book. If I ever write a book, that is. Which I hardly see happening anytime in this lifetime. But hey, if I did, I’d probably write this one. Unless of course, there is already a book with this title out there?l Is there? I wouldn’t know. Cos… Read more »

The iPhone 4

This is one of those pretty things that tug at my heart-strings. Starhub and M1 has learnt their previous lesson well, having lost a number of their customers to Singtel, as it was the first to launch the iphone in the market previously. Now, an “early registration” is available on both Starhub and M1. I… Read more »