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2 Lies & A Truth

Over the weekend, I went for Nic’s company retreat – all the way to sunny Malacca! Will blog more about that soon. (I do still need to prepare for my AGM, ya know! Haha!) Anyhoooo, on Sunday night, the bunch of them gathered in our little suite, and we play many fun games… one was… Read more »


Many things have happened. Well, just that one thing, really. Many ask me if I am okay. You obviously underestimate me. My ability to forget, I mean. That’s always the first step to letting it go. But i guess it really also helped that I was-am-and-will-be super busy from now till March 7, 2010. All… Read more »

Bespectacled Family!

One pair of spectacles… Three times the fun! Of course, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at who actually owns the specs! He didn’t allow either of us to parade the shots for too long! Haha! Check out more photos of my bespectacled boy here!

Proof That We Can Shop…

…anytime, and anywhere! The girls over at the community services side were having a mini ‘fundraising’ and selling these gorgeous shoes imported from Korea to the rest of us. How do you say no to a good deal and a good deed? Not very easily, as it turns out. Anyway, I do need some formal… Read more »

My Very Own Phone Pest

Honest, I totally hate it when people call you on the phone and insist on not identifying themselves and say inane things like, “Guess who I am?” It irks me. It irks me. IT IRKS ME A LOT! I mean, like… what is your problem? I know my phone plan allows for incoming calls to… Read more »