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Sun: Fancy Free MTV

And it’s out! Check out her MTV! I heard she filmed at Knott’s Berry Farm and they closed the farm for the day for this shoot! :)

Fancy Free – Sun’s Latest US Single!

“Woke up feeling like a millionaire…!” “Can’t no one tell me ‘no’…!” “I’ll just make today what I want to…!” “di di di dididi…” “I’m fancy free!” Awesomely catchy song! I love it!

Web-chatting with Sun Ho

I am so excited for this Friday! The reason? Sun Ho will be having a live video chat on Facebook on Friday, 18 September, 11 p.m. (GMT+8)! She’s been in the US for so long, and I am looking forward to ‘seeing’ and ‘talking’ and ‘hearing’ her! She’s been based in the US, preparing and… Read more »

Sun Ho’s Blog!

Check out Sun’s blog! I came across it, when I saw Ed’s blog just now, and I love the look of her blog! She is now in US, recording her English album – which I can’t wait to hear! She even video blogs (ain’t that cool? Hahaha! I haven’t tried that yet though *gulp!* and… Read more »