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The Trio

My trio. Taken during Zoie’s childcare centre’s school photography day. It was also during the boys’ school hols, so I brought them that morning to get a nice photo taken with her. And yes, I know Xavier is half-squinting in this pic, but in the mini thumbnails that we had to choose from, it wasn’t… Read more »

The Growing Princess

Ever so often, I get a tad emo. Just a tad. Call it milestone-blues, if you will. Or that feeling that the kids are growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it. Like when Jayvon started kindy here. Or when Xavier finally became toilet-trained. And with Zoie, it was not too long ago when… Read more »

The Little Lady Of The House

Meet Zoie. 16 months of age. She has the sweetest smile and cutest dimples, but truly a little tigress in the making. She doesn’t walk as yet. I say “doesn’t” cos she can easily cruise along, and stumble when we hold her hands, and she can crawl up a flight of stairs unaided. So I… Read more »

Three Is The Magic Number

I do not have a decent photo of the three kids. In a single frame. There is Jay + Xav, Jay + Zoie, Xav + Zoie… but horror upon horrors – the only decent one I have of the three kids in a single shot was taken a year ago, at a flash photoshoot session… Read more »

Primary One Registration – The Non-Event

Jayvon turns 7 next year. And this means, he is due to go into Primary One. I’ve seen many a Facebook status update on parents with 6-going-on-7-year-olds like me, and how they have been thinking about the “right” Primary school to go to (the famous, elite ones versus the neighbourhood ones), the balloting process, the… Read more »