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The Last Two Weeks

So here I sit. At the dining table, with a freshly made cup of peppermint tea. The house is quiet, save for the occasional chuckles of Zoie immediately followed by the shushing of the hubby trying to make her sleep. I can tell that is going to be a losing battle, that. For the hubby… Read more »

What was your child’s first word?

My kids are late-starters. By that, I mean they started walking late, talking late. As compared to the “normal” standards, that is. But I am not too concerned or bothered about these developmental milestones. Jay started walking only when he was about 13, 14 months. So did Xavier. And it looks like my little princess isn’t… Read more »

SAHM Survival Tip #3: Make Use Of Your Tools

I am a Stay At Home Mom now. That’s SAHM for short. And it’s just been one year. One long, long, tiring, housework-heavy, laundry-neverending cycle. And long – did I mention long yet? After so many years working full-time AND juggling the kids, I guess a teeny part of me thought just doing one role… Read more »

Meet Our New Pets. Pet Hermit Crabs, To Be Exact

I am not an animal person. And by this, I mean, I can “Aww” and “Ooh” at cute animal pictures, but that is about it. I don’t enjoy being with real animals, and my visits to the zoo is because of my love for the kids. We went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show –… Read more »

Confidence in Children

Getting in some training to cold-sell to strangers? Building confidence by approaching strangers? Courtesy of Jay’s primary school fundraising efforts, (and the fact we don’t know that many people) Jay had the chance to sell to the Uni students and staff near where we stay! On Monday, he brought back this box of 50 Cadbury… Read more »