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Itsy-bitsy Spider…

So the boys have a new toy. Something I would shudder to buy, but one that the hubby is super excited about. A bug vacuum. Yeap. Two boys. Two bug vacuums. With a sucking action, and two mini canisters to house the poor insects. (Excuse the mess, them insect-busters are too busy to pick up… Read more »

Zoie at 6 months

Oh my. I cannot believe i let the day pass without a blog post, so this is making it up to my little princess. Who turned 6 months as at 30 October 2013. How my little baby has grown. She is sweet and sassy all at the same time (as should all girls, doncha think?)… Read more »

From a FTWM to a SAHM

A couple of months back, I hosted  a blog linky entitled “FTWM: Motherhood Madness” where together with 29 other full time working blogger mummies, we shared our ups and downs of juggling both work and family. And now, as I’ve more or less eased into life on the opposite end of the spectrum – being… Read more »

Meet my kids – quirky, cheeky and erm… hungry

The loves of my life. It’s been awesome, and awesome tiring at the same time, juggling my new role as a stay at home mom. No longer are my days spent in the office, but picking up Lego bricks and endless laundry cycles. I miss so much about working life, it really takes another post… Read more »

Zoie – at two months

Dear Zoie (or Zozo as your brothers call you), Happy second month, babe! Has it been two months already? I guess all that sleep deprivation has caused Mummy to lose track of the days, hours and minutes. If we were still in Singapore, this would mean the end of my maternity leave and the start… Read more »