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Fostering sibling love

Having one kid was tough. Having two was tougher. So I don’t really know why we thought we wanted a third. Haha! But I guess in the midst of the sleep deprivation (as my little princess has taken to being the most alert from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. for the past many, many days),… Read more »

It’s been one month. Already?!

We decided to hold the “traditional” one-month party for Zoie, which traditionally should be the mummy’s first “public showing” after being confined for the past 30 days. Since I’ve not really kept to any particular confinement rule, it seems a tad too much work, but we figured, with our upcoming move to Sydney happening so… Read more »

Defiantly adorable – redux

I was chuckling away as I was going through blogs, and happened to re-read a post by a fellow mom blogger Adora, who blogs over at The Gingerbread Mum, and she wrote a rib-tickling post of the Age of Ugh. And I got reminded of this old post. Back when Jay was all of two… Read more »

My un-confinement

For each of my three kids, the one month immediately following the birth of my baby has been spent very differently. With Jay, we were brand new parents, staying at my mother’s place and she was the one helping me with my confinement food. While I normally enjoy her food, it is probably hard for… Read more »

5 years … and counting!

Sometimes I get a little amazed that I’ve been held the title and position of “Mummy” for the past five years. How time has whizzed by! It’s been a long, tiring, exhilarating roller coaster ride, but one that I would not trade in for anything else in the world. Last week, Jay & Xav’s childcare… Read more »