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Zoie’s birth story

About a week prior to 30 April 2013, I had arranged with my gynae to have Zoie induced on 30 April. So we agreed, barring any accident that might happen, that I will admit after midnight on 30 April, hook up to be induced, and should expect to see my baby that day itself. So… Read more »

His gift to me

Every child is a gift. I am blessed to have three wonderful kids, and though at times they may tire me out or frustrate me, yet the truth remains that God has given them to us as gifts. Precious. Wonderful. Pure. I recently read a friend’s Facebook status, and remember that even as I enjoy… Read more »

And then… there were 3

My three babies. It’s been a tiring past two days, as we get used to having a screaming little princess in our midst, and as she gets used to having to noisy brothers in her life. Right now, my days are fuzzy and night fuzzier, as I get back into the routine of the three-hourly… Read more »

A letter to Zoie: The day before

Dear Zoie, This is Mummy’s first letter to you! Today officially marks the day before we can officially meet face to face. If all goes well, you will be an April baby (like me!) I cannot tell you how happy I am to be having a baby girl – oh we are going to have… Read more »

Baby Names

I reckon it is high time to blog about how I chose my kids’ names. Firstly, when I was expecting Jayvon, I was given two books on baby names – passed down from another colleague, and it made for interesting reading. But honestly… it was tough trying to think how to choose a name from… Read more »