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Friday 5: Of fruits and nuts

Talking about fruits… The thing about being 36 weeks pregnant is: ~ You start looking like a beached whale, with that huge watermelon strapped to your belly. Walk? Make it waddle. Nowadays, the tune I hear in my head as I waddle from place to place is “Three little ducks that I once knew… widdle… Read more »

Twenty Questions

Linking up with MummyMoo’s Twenty Questions… 1. Was your pregnancy planned, and how old were you? We WERE thinking of enjoying life – just us two when I found I was preggers six months into our marriage. I was 28. 2. What were your reaction? Shock. Shock. Shock. SMSed the hubs, and he quickly called… Read more »

Stories that bind us

Mummy Ed, a fellow Mummy blogger, shared this link to an interesting New York Times article, The Stories That Bind Us. You can read the full article here. The article also quoted Jim Collins, author of one of my favourite books, Good to Great: “Jim Collins, a management expert and author of “Good to Great,”… Read more »

FTWM: Livin’ and lovin’ it!

(Gorgeous logo courtesy of my talented friend Regina) An FTWM, for the uninitiated, stands for a Full-Time Working Mother. Which, basically, is precisely what the acronym means. FTWMs hold full-time employment and are clocking in overtime back home as moms. Some women look like they have it all. Some look like they struggle every minute…. Read more »

Splish-splash fun!

My sis in law managed to snag her company bungalow for the weekend, and so we decided to throw a family barbeque as well as a combined birthday party for the two boys. Now, the cakes – you’ve seen those gorgeous ones. Now for the entertainment… The hubs wanted to get a bouncy castle for… Read more »