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Cakes galore!

Jay turned five, and after much consultation with the little man, he was still in several minds of what the theme to his birthday cake should be! It was a toss-up between Avengers and Power Rangers, and so, being the good mother I am (muahahah…) I decided to give him BOTH. For his Art Party… Read more »

The day my identity changed

This photo was taken years back, when Jay was about 6 months old. It was on 23 January 2008 that my identity changed forever. No longer just ‘Sandra’, or just a wife, daughter, friend, worker or colleague. But the one label that will stick with me till the end of time. Mummy. Oh, and how… Read more »

Having a domestic helper – the pros and cons

As a full-time working mom, the hubs and I both decided on hiring a domestic helper to, well, help out in the house, ever since we had our first kid. The toilets that needed cleaning, the clothes that would not iron themselves, the bottles that had to be sterilized. It was a pretty easy decision… Read more »

Real life lessons

I recently read a blog post by one of my close blogging buddies on the lessons that Nemo has taught her lil girl. It was such an insightful post, that it also got me thinking hard. Of the kind of videos that the kids are watching, and the values that they are gleaning from them…. Read more »

Being sick is tough!

This has been a tough weekend. Of flus, and runny noses, and a visit to the A & E for my poor Jay – who was writhing in pain from stomach cramps. Funny how resilient kids are. In pain at home, and once he reached the A & E, he was up and about, and… Read more »