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Strangers in a familiar land

It’s been 18 months living in Sydney. And we’ve been back in Singapore for the last 2 months (with just under a month to go, before making our way back) – and somehow, it seems to be familiar and yet unfamiliar all at the same time. Maybe it’s the Aussie (slow) pace of life that… Read more »

Learning Chinese – From Scratch (Almost!)

So I was blogging a month back about Jayvon’s heavily Aussie-accented Chinese, and even recorded an amusing video of him using English phonics to pronounce Chinese hanyu pinyin words. Barely a week into Primary One, he came back with two sheets of paper. English Spelling (5 words a week). And THIS. Chinese diction (or fondly… Read more »

30 days to go

Well, to our trip back to Singapore, of course! I am so looking forward to going back, catching up with family and friends, good food galore and no housework to do for three months. Okay, the order might be a bit topsy-turvy but needless to say, I am HAPPY to be back. Can. Not. Wait!… Read more »

“So I am in an MLM”, and other great conversation enders

There, I’ve said it. Life in Sydney has always thrown me so many curveballs, this is probably just another one. What am I referring to? Well, you probably would have seen some posts I made on my Facebook timeline about some “Crazy Wraps” or seen me post some before and after photos (none of the… Read more »

A Behind-The-Scenes Peek: Say Cheese!

I would like to think that my children are pretty good-looking. But trying to take a photo to PROVE that… is tough. I thought life was tough when I just had Jayvon, and he was in a “I DON’T WANT TO SMILE” mode. But multiply that by THREE, and you get lots of blurry, out-of-focus… Read more »