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The unChinese Boy

Warning: This may give some of you uncontrollable giggles or endless finger-wagging. Consider this an inside joke, and really REALLY funny if you speak Chinese! These English/Chinese animal flash cards were found in my in-laws house, and is a few years old. Jay used to love animals, and those pictures used to entertain him for… Read more »

An Artistic Flair

An artistic flair is something I lack. Seriously. I can’t draw. I can barely shade. And if I ever make it to France, seeing the Mona Lisa doesn’t really rank very high on my list (I mean, yeah I will go see it but …. An art museum isn’t somewhere I can linger for hours.)… Read more »

Hallo 2014!

2013 has been a pretty amazing year. We had a new baby, bringing the count to three. (Where it will stand, in case you are wondering) And she is a feisty one, not losing ground to her adoring older brothers with her loud voice and cute smiles. We now live in a brand new city… Read more »

A Christmas first!

Being in the church ‘culture’ for the last many years means that while I absolutely love this season, it is also the busiest busiest busiest time for the year. Every year. Busy buying presents, busy wrapping them, busy preparing for Christmas get-togethers with friends and relatives and church members, busy with the many, many church… Read more »

The riots at Little India

December 8, 2013. A day when we remember that the racial peace and harmony we enjoy in Singapore is one that is as precious as it is fragile. Precious because it is something one doesn’t see in most countries. Having lived in Sydney for the past 6 months, there have been times when I too… Read more »