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Drawing the line. Literally.

Now, I’ve blogged about the little room that we’ve carved out for Jay to do his art, to draw and colour and doodle to his heart’s content! In under two weeks, my little boy has managed to put his own touches in the room, by displaying his artwork! Pleased as punch – and he did… Read more »

To tuition or not to tuition, there is really no question about that

There is a problem. But the problem is that while there are some who feel that this IS a problem, there are others who, unfortunately, do not see it that way. And the more unfortunate thing is that the ones who don’t see the problem are the very people best to prevent it. Singapore is… Read more »

Doppleganger alert

This is Xavier. Taken one day after he was born in Gleneagles Hospital. This is Zoie. Taken one day after she was born in Gleneagles Hospital. And here you have it again. So the answer to many friends’ question, “Who does Zoie look like?” is now clear. She looks like Xavier.

The half-way mark

I just crossed the 21st week of my pregnancy … And this means I am nearing the end of this journey. So far, I have been enjoying the feeling of being pregnant (seeing how this will be my last one) though admittedly, this is probably the toughest of my three pregnancies. Well into my second… Read more »

Spiderman and erm… Cutieboy?

Jay loves his superheroes now. And whatever Jay loves, apparently so does Xav. I was about to make them sleep, and trying to get a shot of Jay in his adorable new Gap pyjamas  (I know, I have an obsession with my boys and pyjamas) and of course he decided to pose together with his… Read more »