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Musings on being a Singapore Mummy Blogger [plus my first Linky Party!]

I started blogging in maybe 2005, but it was only with the birth of Jay that I really started blogging in earnest, as a way to record where we’d been and what we’ve been up to as a family. Often when acquaintances first learn that I have a blog, they usually have one of these… Read more »

My Christmas week has begun!

Very often, my Christmas only begins when, well, it ends. After December 25, to be exact. There are so many things I’d THINK about doing pre-Christmas. Like getting a new hair-do, gel manicures, clothes shopping… And more often than not, I’d be too hard-pressed for time to actually get it done before the 25th. Which… Read more »

Blog paused

It’s probably been the longest since my last blog entry, and boy – as much as I’ve missed BLOGging, I’ve also been so BOGged down with work, work and as cliched as it sounds… more work! I am now typing this from the sunny Batam – in two back-to-back Retreats.While I’d ordinarily be happy at… Read more »

Balance is the key to … parenting

I think an important mantra to parenting is BALANCE. Whether you are a stay-home mom, or one who is working full-time (or anything in-between), balance is such an important aspect to maintain sanity in life, marriage and home! I juggle many commitments in my home – especially with two boisterous boys, my work commitments, my… Read more »

The Blogger App

Test blogging from the new blogger app! Finally-Google managed to push out their app for the I-devices! Haha! Not iPad-friendly but at least this gives me an(other) option!