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This day is for the Daddies!

Daddies seem to have the short end of the stick nowadays. Mother’s Day has the hoo-haa and the flowers and the cards and such. But Father’s Day? More should be done to applaud these men in our lives. They make our lives so much better –take it from me, as both a daughter and a… Read more »

Day 13…

And so far I am pretty much enjoying my confinement. I cannot believe it’s just been 13 days! Where has all the time gone to? But my loveable lil bundle of double-eyelid-ed (Yes! Thank U Lord!) boy is the pride and joy of my heart. How ever did we do so right twice in a… Read more »

These boots may be made for walking, but the rest of me sure ain’t

The breathlessness has officially set in. It takes someone who (1) is pregnant or (2) has been pregnant or (3) has a wife that is pregnant to truly, madly, deeply understand this. See, you might know a friend or colleague or buddy or boss who’s pregnant, but only the above 3 categories will understand the… Read more »

An unexpected inclusion

A trip to Ikea…   Saw Jayvon meeting some new friends… Which got him so excited he started doing a little jig… With some serious conversations going on…   His heart was sold on the giant hippo…   And Mommy relented. Welcome, Hip-hip, to your new home!

Dinner in the House

Last Sunday, after a wonderful day at Polliwogs, we proceeded to House at Dempsey Road for a meal to celebrate Aunty Sharon’s birthday! I may be the last Singaporean (ok, last two, including Nic) who have yet to step foot into this uber cool enclave known as Dempsey, but I loved it. I’d probably love… Read more »