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Jayvon is in the Sticker Club! Or should I say Mommy is in?

The Sticker Club. When my colleague first asked me to join, I thought it was a cute idea, and a good object lesson for Jay. But I have underestimated the enthusiasm of my colleagues. I think as of now, almost every staff who is a parent has been inducted into Sticker Club. So what does… Read more »

I’m baaaaaaaack!

From a three day break! Totally bushed now… Pardon me while I go and take a break from my break…

My Post-Asia Conference Buzz…

It has been an incredible Conference. Incredibly awed. Incredibly exciting speakers. Incredibly tiring. … And I shall restart my blogging from tomorrow!

F&N, Anyone?

I am so proud of my colleague, Klessis, cos she got into the final selection of bloggers chosen to cover the Singapore Dance Delight. And I tell you, she has won, and is in the running to win, some cool stuff! She is now in in the final leg to compete for the grand prize…… Read more »

A Healthy Bento

I recently made a ‘pilgrimage’ to Daiso. I was never a fan of this storewide $2 store, always thinking it smacks of an “auntie”-air! Hahaha! Maybe I’m old-ER, but I do enjoy the shop for a simple reason… Daiso stocks some pretty nice Bento accessories! Gosh, I went twice, and spent more than $30 in… Read more »