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What an amazing thing!

Well, if you regularly read my or Jay’s blog, you would be well-associated with Bear-bear, Jay’s absolute fave stuffed toy. Since Bear-bear, we have bought him a stuffed tiger, stuffed elephant, stuffed giraffe (on our last trip to Malacca) and other stuffed bears, but none have served to capture Jay’s heart like Bear-bear can! And… Read more »

Anecdotes from School

The playground at Little Big is Jay’s favourite part of school. No doubt about that! Everyday when I ask him what he did in school, his very first reply would be: “Playground!” One of the things I look forward to when I fetch him from school (I mean, apart from seeing my handsome prince, of… Read more »

My Outlet…

Nic thinks I am mad. I half-think he may be right, after all. The month of March is like… crazy-busy for me. This Sunday is Vision Weekend, next Sunday is AGM. Following that, I have my ISO audit coming up month-end. Above and beyond that, there’s still my “regular” work and preparation for FOP in… Read more »


One of the best things I’ve done in my blogging life is to sign up for SITS. For those of you who might not know, SITS is basically a community of bloggers who, well, apart from being real nice and stuff – also make the effort to visit each other’s blogs! Every day Heather &… Read more »


Ingredients of a good birthday bash: One sweet and colourful birthday cake.   Two birthday princes. Bright helium balloons. Food.. Food… And more food! But this is the absolute crowd-puller for today, and my personal favourite as well… Koi Bubble Tea? You know the Heineken commercial when the guys open the fridge to spot those… Read more »