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So My Daughter Sleeps Much More In Childcare Than At Home… and other tales

I have a nocturnal daughter. Like, seriously. She takes a catnap at around 6 p.m., after we pick Xavier and her from childcare, when her brothers are busy devouring their dinners, she prefers to take a small nip of the food, drinks milk and collapses, for 45 to 60 minutes. And then she is awake…. Read more »

Spot The Difference

Found the difference? Yeah – she has her fringe snipped a tad… By me! Oh, I have tried to cut the hair of my two boys, both times failing horribly and causing them to end up with crooked fringes but this by far is probably my best attempt. Third time IS the charm, I suppose!

If Mummy Says ‘No’…

… Ask Grandma! Passed-down onesie from her brothers. So, so true for them. Now with no over-indulgent grandmother or over-protective aunties to give in to her every whine, Zoie is on her own! And *ahem* that might be such a bad thing, eh? Haha!