My Love For … … …

Well, to those who know me, you’d know that I absolutely love to play this game called…. *drumroll…* SCRABBLE! Yeap! I first fell in love with the game when I was in NTU, Hall 3… I got “drafted” into the Hall 3 Scrabble Recreational Club.

Aah… Those were fun days! I spent a good part of my holidays staying back in hall, to intensively train for Scrabble. Truly! We spent hours memorizing 2- and 3-letter words, 4-letter “hooks” as well as all kinds of permutations for 7-letter “Scrabbles”! It was super fun… How time flies… It has been AGES since I’ve last had a game of Scrabble.

Well, over the past week or two, I’ve been on FaceBook & playing around with the different applications available there… and just yesterday I discovered a brand new application… SCRABULOUS!!! Hahahaha… As you can guess from the name, it is an application to play Scrabble on Facebook! Oh man, I am so addicted! You can start multiple games, and you will just take turns with your opponent to play. Nic thinks I am quite mad, cos I have started a total of 8 multiple games last night! But then again, he’d rather that than I coerce him to have an actual game with me! =P

City Harvest Stadium?!?

After Pastor Kong Hee shared last week, about no longer just settling for any ol’ auditorium or concert hall… I think it is in the heart-beat of every City Harvest Church member:


Hahaha!!! Especially when Pastor showed us the pictures of all the photos… WOW! It is absolutely mind-boggling & faith-stretching… but at the same time, very exciting!

This is my absolute favourite…

The Allianz Arena in Munich… Just look at the size of that!

So it is time for us all to see the great JOY ahead of us! :)


Hahaha…. Oh glorious!

As a last resort, I went to Google to search on how to “change my blog template.” And the top hit was Great help! Super easy to change…

Yay… I can go & sleep in peace now! :)

Not As User-Friendly…

Oh man…

It may be due to my familiarity to Multiply… Or to the general user-friendliness of Multiply. Blogspot’s kinda hard to use!

I wanna change to a new Skin but… Haiz… So difficult!!!

Ah well, it’s too late for anything now. Time to zzz for the night… Another long day tomorrow!

Back to Blogspot!!!

Hey hey… I am back on Blogspot! Decided a change of ‘flavour’ is in season! :)