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Messy Me Versus The House

There are some women who are born to be homemakers. As in, they have the natural flair and God-given ability to keep their kitchen sparkling clean and smelling lemon-ly nice, with crisply ironed clothes hanging off impeccable clothing racks, and with beds that are nearly tucked in and pillows well-fluffed. There are sweet smells of… Read more »

Thankful Thursday

I’ve seen the 5-day Thankfulness Challenge going on on my friends’ Facebook statuses. Having a thankful heart is important. It grounds us, gives us renewed focus on the good in our lives, and makes light a heavy heart. After some ‘heavy’ posts, I reckon it is time to lighten up the mood and get some… Read more »


Jayvon is a very active boy. Very. He literally cannot stand still. And he cannot stand… being bored. This is something only parents with active boys can identify with. Now, the hubby and I do our best to “rein” him in, lest he get into MORE trouble at school, and a while back, we realised… Read more »

Kids’ Milestones

Milestones. First step, first word, first smile, first burp… When it comes to our kids, these are so important and photo-moment-worthy! Here is my absolute favourite moments. The day we became a family. And erm, fair warning here – there is one no-make-up, just-popped-a-child-out-of-my-you-know-what, still reeling from the meds, tired, not-eaten-for-many-hours, tired kind of look…. Read more »

Handling Offenses – Online and Off

As a new driver here in Sydney, I see a lot of people on the road – those who are patient with me as I struggle with my huge Tarago, and probably seeing this huge family car reckon I have kids with me and I am seldom at the receiving end of a honk. Then… Read more »