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Three Is The Magic Number

I do not have a decent photo of the three kids. In a single frame. There is Jay + Xav, Jay + Zoie, Xav + Zoie… but horror upon horrors – the only decent one I have of the three kids in a single shot was taken a year ago, at a flash photoshoot session… Read more »

Getting Used To Being A SAHM

I used to be someone with ‘proper responsibilities’. You know, working full time as an Office Manager meant I got to dress up every day. It meant I had emails to answer. Staff to manage. Problems to troubleshoot. Minutes to complete. Purchases to approve. People to meet. Contracts to draft. Coming over to Australia meant… Read more »

The One Pot Pasta

Or, in other words… the miracle dish. I read a couple of blog posts on this, and I got to admit, this seems TOO EASY to be true. And then I decided to risk some seafood marinara I bought from the Fish Market, and figured, it would either be a hit dish, or… we would… Read more »

The One Week Of Happy-ness

So I was totally bogged down the last two weeks. The family came over for a week-long visit. I had some freelance work due. And I was busy, busy, busy. Now that the family is back in Singapore, life has resumed some semblance of normalcy. But boy oh boy, having my mom and sisters here… Read more »

Tips On Travelling With Kids – The Road Trip Version

Three young kids. In one confined space. For a stretch of two to three hours. The concept of long road trips sound fun when you are a swinging, free and happy twenty-year-old. But when the 20s are but a distant memory, and with three young kids aged 6 and under, a road trip may not… Read more »