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Blogging With Kids: What About Their Say?

This post was inspired by the Blogfather, who gave a pretty insightful musing about putting his son in the limelight via blogging, in a post aptly titled “The Price of (Parent) Blogging“. As a parent blogger, his post resonated with me – “Do I have my children’s permission to do all this? Will I have… Read more »

The Job Search

My little princess. All ready to go for childcare. She is such a sweetie, and I love her to bits! Leaving Mummy to be free to go back to the workforce! It’s been over a year since I’ve been working, and I must admit, it is a tad overwhelming to once again be out there… Read more »

When Kids Fly The Coop

Okay, I admit, my blog title is a tad exaggerated. My oldest is just six – hardly the age of flying the coop – not for another decade or more. (I may need therapy when that time comes, I imagine). Nah, I am talking about that moment when … your baby grows up. Zoie turned… Read more »

One year ago…

This time almost 12 months ago… We were still in Singapore, the (then) 4 of us squeezing in one tiny room in my parent’s HDB flat. We were living out of boxes and our clothes were in Togoyo plastic containers, as most of our stuff were already packed and ready to be carted over to… Read more »

He is 6. I Repeat, He Is Just 6.

Sometimes I forget. That my boy has only just turned 6. And sometimes, rationale flies out the window at the drop of the hat, and when an awesome song comes to mind, it has to be belted out, and loud. No matter the location – middle of the shopping mall or the middle of the… Read more »