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In the not-that-distant past of mine

Dork alert. See if you can spot me in the above picture. My 12-year-old self. (Or at least I think I was 12. But I might have been 11. I have no clue.) And now, the reason why this horrendous photo is seeing the light of day? I blame my friend, who blogs over at… Read more »

What Does The Wh-aaat Say?

This is a topic I have thought about quite a bit in recent days. The world we live in can be a pretty scary one. As a parent, I turn on the TV and switch on the radio, and on the one hand, I want to shield my boys from foul-mouthed singers and four-letter-word-spewing actors… Read more »

Siblings – love & rivalry

When you thinking about having Child #1, the typical questions running through your mind are: ‘Am I ready for such a huge responsibility?’ ‘How can I handle a nothing human being?’ ‘How do I make it work?’ ‘Am I ready?’ ‘Am I ready?!?’ ‘O gawd. I don’t know! Where to start?’ Just to name a… Read more »

The Thing About ‘Mummy Guilt’

I was actually half way through writing a post on another more innocuous topic. But a particular snarky (and mind you, I don’t use this word often but this time it seems rather apt) blog reader’s comment has got me pretty riled up as well. The Blogfather gives his two cents (and a good part… Read more »

The one on Xavier and his three childcare centres…

In Singapore it was so easy. A no-brainer, really. The childcare centre we sent the boys to, Little Big Pre-School, was awesome in many ways – and the teachers were kind and loving, and both boys LOVED school. They enjoyed it tremendously, and we seldom had many melt-downs when we dropped the kids off. In… Read more »